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Elmhurst NY Real Estate & Homes for Sale

Elmhurst NY Homes for Sale

Elmhurst is a middle/working-class neighborhood in the northwestern section of the borough of Queens in New York City. Regarded as a “crossroads of the world,” it is one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods, with immigrants from as many as 112 countries by the 1980s, and has continued to diversify since then. Elmhurst’s Chinatown is the second largest in Queens, next to that of Flushing, and is rapidly growing and developing as a satellite of the Flushing Chinatown.

Local Area Information

Elmhurst is one of the first European towns in Queens, and was originally named Middleburgh by Dutch settlers. When the British came, it was renamed New Town, then later became simply Newtown. Cord Meyer, a land developer, did not want the town to have any association with the pollution of Newtown Creek, so he proposed to have the name changed.

A year before Queens County was incorporated into the City of New York, the community was renamed “Elmhurst,” which means “a grove of elms,” in part because elm trees were bountiful in the area. It was due to the Cord Meyer Development Company’s housing project between 1896 and 1910 that Elmhurst developed into a fashionable district.

Elmhurst is a blend of detached single-family homes, multi-family housing sites, row homes, co-ops and high-rise apartment buildings. The most common types are multi-family homes on tight lots, many of which are owner-occupied rentals, as well as “Fedders houses.” There are also many apartment buildings of up to six or seven stories and some newer condos along the main roads. A handful of blocks still have early 20th-century row homes, though only a few have retained their glory.

The rest of Elmhurst are zoned as manufacturing, mixed-use, and commercial districts, which are occupied by Elmhurst’s malls. The busy stretch of Queens Boulevard is one of the largest shopping districts in the borough, and is the site of Queens Center Mall and the Queens Place Mall, though considered as its commercial heart is Broadway, on which other establishments and many Chinese and Southeast Asian restaurants and shops are located.

Apart from Long Island City, the Elmhurst, NY 11373 ZIP code has the most subway options in the borough, and is about 6 miles east of Manhattan, which is roughly a 27- to 35-minute drive via Queens Boulevard or the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

General Information

Township: N.A.

County: Queens County

Population: Approximately –

Classification: Hamlet, CDP

Chamber of Commerce: – Chamber of Commerce

LIRR Train Station/Schedule:
The LIRR serves Elmhurst via the – Station, and – Station. Travel time to Manhattan, Penn Station is about .


Water District
County Water Authority

Gas Company(s)
Pacific Gas and Electric Long Island (PSEGLI)
National Grid

Electric Company(s)
Pacific Gas and Electric Long Island (PSEGLI)

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Beaches & Parks

Answer Triangle is a small area with some trees and plantings in the middle of the busy intersection of Roosevelt Avenue, Whitney Avenue, and Aske Street, from which it gets its name, as an “answer” is what one will get if they were to “ask” a question. It is part of the Greenstreet program, which aims to convert paved areas into greenspaces.

Dunningham Triangle features a flagpole, three lampposts, shrubs and London planetrees, which are known for their capacity to survive under severe conditions. Formerly named Jackson Plaza Triangle, it was renamed in 1945 in honor of Elmhurst resident Jabez E. Dunningham, who was commemorated as a father of civic progress.

Elmhurst Park is an excellent 6-acre community greenspace with lots of amenities, such as jogging paths, benches, sculpture, splash area, modern restrooms, and an energy-themed playground for kids. There is also a Queens Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the park’s northeast corner.

Frank D. O’Connor Playground is a neighborhood park with facilities that include fitness equipment, game tables, play equipment, spray showers, spring toys, lighting, benches, a sandpit, basketball court, handball court, and comfort station.

Just across the street is O’Connor’s Tail, a pocket park with prolific plantings and about a dozen park benches. Also part of the Greenstreet program, this pleasant sitting area forms the “tail” end of the larger Frank D. O’Connor Playground, hence the name.

Hoffman Park is a 2.86-acre attraction on Hoffman Drive that has basketball and handball courts, picnic tables and benches, drinking fountains, a baseball/softball field, comfort station, and playground with colorful jungle gym.

Moore Homestead Playground is home to three basketball courts, fitness equipment, spray showers, an amphitheater, a handball court, playground, and restrooms. It is named for Clement Clarke Moore, author of a children’s poem that became popularly known as “The Night Before Christmas.”

Nathan Weidenbaum Playground offers a reconstructed basketball court, spray showers, and play equipment, and is also known locally as Little Bush Playground due to its proximity to Big Bush Playground just across Laurel Hill Boulevard and Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Newtown Playground was previously a cemetery that was the first community burial site in Elmhurst. Today, it is a neighborhood park with amenities that include a playground, basketball courts, spray showers, and comfort stations.

Formerly named Elmhurst Memorial Park, Veterans Grove honors the memory of Elmhurst soldiers who served and lost their lives during World War I. There are picnic tables and benches, as well as dog-friendly areas, and the playground attracts many local children for its colorful jungle gym, tic-tac-toe and other play equipment.

The Schools

Elmhurst is served by the New York City Geographic District #24, which has 57 public schools. Of these, 11 are located in the neighborhood: PS/IS 102 Bayview, Civic Leadership Academy, The Clement C. Moore School, Elmhurst Elementary School, International High School for Health Sciences, James B. Colgate, John F. Kennedy Jr. School, Louis F. Simeone, Newtown High School, Pan American International High School, and The Walter Crowley Intermediate School.

Many other learning institutions are located in Elmhurst, including the Central Queens Academy Charter School, Voyages Preparatory High School, St. Adalbert Catholic Academy, and Little Friends School Elmhurst, among others.

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