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Mill Neck NY Real Estate & Homes for Sale

Mill Neck, NY Homes for Sale

Mill Neck Village is in Nassau County’s Town of Oyster Bay on the prestigious North Shore of Long Island, New York. It is a haven primarily for people who highly esteem privacy, serenity, breathtaking water views and the overall bucolic charm of the countryside with its woods, luxuriant foliage, gently undulating terrain and historic Gold Coast mansions.

Local Area Information

Mill Neck is a village incorporated in 1925 and located in the Town of Oyster Bay, one of Nassau County’s three townships. It lies on the North Shore referred to as the “Gold Coast” of Long Island, New York, an area that grew in wealth and renown at the turn of the 20th century. The village is a hidden gem nestled among its more prominent neighbors, including Oyster Bay, Locust Valley and the village of Bayville.

Named after a mill Henry Townsend built in the area in 1661, Mill Neck was a farming community that became a building site for the Gold Coast mansions of several of New York City’s most notable families during the Roaring 20s. One of these mansions, Mill Neck Manor, still exists today serving as a school for the deaf and venue for the traditional Apple Festival held yearly in October.

The Mill Neck, NY 11765 ZIP code once ranked third among the most expensive addresses in the country and remains one of the most affluent and secluded enclaves on Long Island. The single-family homes are generally large, as are the lots on which they are built with some as large as five acres or more. Many of the properties are waterfront homes affording captivating water views of Oyster Bay Harbor, West Harbor, Mill Neck Creek or Beaver Lake.

The village, however, is not all glitter, gold and glamor as there are also relatively more modest homes on lots as small as 8,000 square feet. These properties are mainly in the 11771 ZIP code, including a number of homes in the southeast corner along the Oyster Bay border. There are also mid-range properties, such as the over 90 homes in the private waterfront community of Mill Neck Estates near Bayville Bridge. The rest are the ritzier luxury homes with private pools and tennis courts.

Real estate options in Mill Neck also include 4-bedroom homes or larger, a number of horse properties, rentals and dwellings offering one or more bedrooms on first floor among other features.

General Information

Township: Town of Oyster Bay | Oyster Bay, New York

County: Nassau County

Population: 1,054 (2020)

Classification: Incorporated Village

LIRR Train Station/Schedule:
The LIRR serves Mill Neck via the Oyster Bay Station.
Travel time to Manhattan, Penn Station is about
1 hour 20 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes.

Mill Neck, NY luxury house with outdoor swimming pool


Water District(s)
Locust Valley Water District
New York American Water

Gas Company(s)
PSEG Long Island
National Grid

Electric Company(s)
PSEG Long Island

Cable/ Phone/ TV/ Internet Provider(s)
Verizon Fios


Mill Neck, NY Listings

Beaches & Parks

The Charles T. Church Preserve, also called Shu Swamp Nature Preserve, is known for the rich diversity of plant species that are protected in its top quality environment, as well as the range of bird and other animal species that visit or nest in the area. One of the 11 properties in the 275-acre land protected by the North Shore Wildlife Sanctuary, the preserve is open daily to the public except on Fridays.

The Congressman Lester Wolff Oyster Bay National Wildlife Refuge is a 3,209-acre protected coastal area with exceptional marine habitats that support a diverse range of aquatic wildlife and migratory waterfowl species. The refuge is accessible by boat and provides opportunities for saltwater fishing with license, observing wildlife, nature photography and environmental education. It consists of various habitats and has the greatest concentration of wintering waterfowl among all the national wildlife refuges on Long Island.

The John P. Humes Japanese Stroll Garden is a 7-acre woodland most notable for its gorgeous Japanese-inspired landscaping and excellent collection of various plant species. A lovely stepping stone path is among its most remarkable features, along with a traditional tea house, some stone water basins and lanterns, and a koi-filled pond.

The 27-acre John P. Humes Preserve was once known as the Schmidlapp-Humes Estate. Its attractions include a formal garden, meadow trails, and a visitors’ hut. Members get unlimited access to the preserve all year for hiking, bird watching, snowshoeing, or simply enjoying nature.

The Upper Francis Pond consists of 25 acres of preserved land, and is a vital component of the 150-acre sheltered open area in the Beaver Brook watershed, along with Shu Swamp, the Japanese Stroll Garden, and Humes Preserve. It features a trail leading to a large pond at the center of the preserve, which is a popular site for River Otters.

The Schools

Roughly half of Mill Neck Village on the west side is served by the Locust Valley Central School District, which has six public schools. Three of the district schools — Locust Valley Intermediate, Locust Valley Middle, and Locust Valley High — are located in Lattingtown Village. Bayville Primary and Bayville Intermediate Schools are in Bayville Village, while Ann M. MacArthur Primary School is in Locust Valley.

The east side is served by the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District, which has three public schools. Theodore Roosevelt Elementary and Oyster Bay High Schools are in the hamlet of Oyster Bay, while James H. Vernon School is in East Norwich.


Mill Neck, NY

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Mill Neck, NY Listings

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